GEOVIA a Dassault Systèmes brand provides end-to-end virtual twin experiences focusing on the intersection of natural resources, infrastructure, and urban planning. The GEOVIA solutions portfolio is undergoing a significant transformation to seamlessly integrate with the Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform. This integration establishes a unified source of truth, empowering organizations to fortify their resilience in a swiftly evolving landscape. Simultaneously, it positions them to secure a competitive edge through enhanced collaboration and innovation.

The latest advancements in the GEOVIA portfolio include the introduction of the Strategic Mine Planner Role in December 2023 and the launch of the Underground Mine Designer Role in February 2024 within the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

Strategic Mine Planner Role

This Role complements the Pit Optimizer Role launched in December 2021 to allow the user to develop a comprehensive strategic plan that is robust and reliable, by conducting an evaluation of critical input parameters through multiple scenario analyses from development to closure. It allows to simultaneously or sequentially apply several advanced value-adding options for optimizing capacity to create an optimized and robust mining schedule that prioritizes value and ecological responsibility. The main app of the Role counts with a novel proprietary optimization engine (GEOVIA Mine Maximizer – GMX) that is an extension of the Bienstock-Zuckerberg (2009) algorithm. GMX is the solution engine provided with our Strategic Mine Planner and Pit Optimizer Roles available on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. It provides increased NPV while significantly speeding up runtimes when compared with commercial solution packages.

  • Intuitive interface to model the technical constraints and economic parameters of the mining planning problem.
  • Rapid Generation of Pit and Practical Phases
  • Modeling of complex planning problems that includes sustainability variables, blending and haulage optimization
  • Iterative review and plan updates thanks to full design and planning data associativity
  • Comprehensive tools for de-risk projects and sensitivity analysis.
  • Robust, Practical, and Fast Life of Mine Scheduling


  • Define a comprehensive and robust strategic plan through multi-scenario analysis
  • Use advanced value-adding mechanisms for optimizing practical phases, ultimate pit and life of mine scheduling.
  • Reduce project uncertainty via sensitivity analysis and generate realistic schedules
  • Advanced constraint modelling for sustainability variables, blending and hauling
  • Unified design and planning integration, enabled by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform

Underground Mine Designer Role

This Role will allow the user to rethink the design approach to underground mining through the evaluation of multiple options thanks to generative parametric modeling. One will be able to generate and evaluate multiple development designs through an automated parametric process, offering optionality assessment of designs. All that within a “Safety by Design” approach, allowing consideration of safety standards related to underground excavations from physical constraints to geotechnical features. In summary, the new Underground Mine Designer Role will allow significant time savings and transparency through seamless process and data model continuity between different mining levels, development areas and practical access designs.

  • Parametric assessment of multiple design alternatives for secondary underground access development
  • Modularized development of design components through application of predetermined templates
  • Integration of geotechnical inputs to ensure safety and stability
  • Visualization of design outputs


  • Dynamic optionality assessment and flexibility of designs through rapid generation of multiple outcomes through parametric design
  • Significant time savings and data providence clarity through complete data lifecycle associativity
  • Safety by Design allowing consideration of safety standards related to underground excavations
  • Technical robustness of access and level designs linked to physical constraints and geotechnical features
  • Significant time savings and transparency through seamless process and data model continuity between different mining levels, development areas and practical access designs

Additionally, in 2024, four 3DEXPERIENCE releases are planned which will enhance the two newly released Roles (Strategic Mine Planner and Underground Mine Designer) as well as our established 3DEXPERIENCE Mining Roles: Geology Modeler, Geoscience Referential Manager, Earth Engineering Coordinator, and Pit Optimizer Roles.

GEOVIA CEO, Mauro DELLEMONACHE – “We are excited to participate in African Mining INDABA 2024 and showcase our latest advancements in mining solutions. We are preparing for an exciting year ahead, featuring multiple releases and scheduled activities harnessing the capabilities of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. GEOVIA solutions facilitate smooth collaboration, streamlined data exchange, and enhanced workflow efficiency, empowering mining entities to make well-informed decisions, elevate operational performance, and achieve sustainability and operational objectives. Our motivation stems from the vision of shaping a sustainable planet where technology, knowledge, and expertise play pivotal roles in advocating responsible management of natural resources. We eagerly anticipate connecting with industry leaders, sharing insights, and actively contributing to the future of the mining sector. “

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