Kuruman: United Manganese of Kalahari (UMK) today reaffirmed its support for educational development by championing tertiary education through creating opportunity. The company also celebrated more than a decade of helping school leavers achieve their educational goals.

The UMK Bursary Scheme was established a decade ago by UMK with a mandate to empower the youth of South Africa by providing scholarships to diligent students, youth who may not otherwise have the means to pursue further education.

Malcolm Curror, chief executive of UMK said that focusing on generation next will secure tomorrow’s leaders in business, education and other sectors that will lead South Africa into further growth. “Instead of narrowing the playing field to mining, candidates are encouraged to pursue whichever field of study they are interested in. This way, graduates emerge from various sectors who will then become role players across industry,” he said and added that this less restrictive approach to supporting tertiary education will yield better results for the broader economy.

The UMK Bursary Scheme has thus far created opportunity for many students since its inception, supporting top-performing Grade 12 students who aspire to further their education, as well as those already enrolled in tertiary institutions who require financial aid.

“When we all work together and contribute toward common causes, social development investment can be so much more impactful,” said Curror. “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world, as Nelson Mandela once said. By actively investing in the future leaders of our industry and community by supporting education, we are building a sustainable and prosperous future,” Curror added. “Here’s to the next decade and, the next ten years after that!”

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